We were
a digital agency,
long before it was trendy.

Our nápady
have made
dozens of clients happy.

The world is constantly changing. But our clients aren't lagging behind. They're staying ahead - thanks to us.

We’ve been creating successful digital projects for them since 2001.

Projects that emphasize data, performance, and results.

Are we creative? Effective? Successful? Yes. But we don’t need to brag about it in every other sentence.
We believe that a job well done speaks for itself.

So we let it.

We’ve worked with quite a number of clients.
Here are some of them:

To have the advantage,
you’ve got to keep moving.

We understand the digital world. We grew up in it. We combine creativity, technology and data.

We see opportunities where others don‘t. We always look for the most effective way to reach potential clients.


We don’t stand still. We follow trends and react flexibly to them.

We’ll offer them your products and services right at the moment they’re looking for them. And we’ll convert them into your customers.

Our team consists of
54 people.

Martin Bažant
member of board

Karel Punčoch
strategy director

Jan Sequens
analytical director

Ditta Dvořáčková
business director

Vladimír Trčka
creative director

Martina Krtoušová
client service director

Martin Kavka
editor director

Martina Sionková
new business & marketing director

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